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Website-based QA System

You might have experienced searching for a particular question on a website and then going through the entire page to find the answer. This is a very tedious task and can be easily automated using a QA System.


Sometimes searching information through a website can be very tedious. So why don't you try our QA Systems over websites? Let's see how do to it!

In this section we will learn how to create a website based QA System.



To access the creation page, check Introduction and Access section!

You will get there:

Add your first website

To add your first website, enter its URL in the input field and click on Add or press Enter.

You can see your website appearing in the list of websites.


At the left of your URL you can see a button

Explore and Extract

button. Click it to extract the sub-pages of this website.

As you can see, you now have a list of your website and its sub-pages, which can be grouped to see more clearly.

Handle sub-pages

Delete sub-pages

Some sub-pages might not interest you, you can remove them by clicking on the delete button (in the Action column).

Move sub-pages

Your sub-pages are originally grouped but you can move them out of their group by clicking on the Move button (in the Action column).

Once your sub-page is moved out of its group, you can also Explore and Extract it like you did for the main website.


Once you picked the name, language of your QA System and filtered your links, you can click on:

  • Settings to personnalize them (default parameters are good for general use)
  • Finish to create your QA System (and use default parameters)

The settings are the same as Document-based QA Systems. Check Settings section for more information.



Find more information about querying in the Document-based section.