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Display types

Depending on the answer we get, we can display it in different ways. The types available are listed below the confidence bar on the answer page, for example:

You can personnalize the visualization order in the Configuration page. You can access it using the button in the status bar (on top of your screen) or in the QA Systems page by clicking on the QA system you are interested in and then the Config button.

You can order the display types depending on what you want. You can drag and drop the items of the list to order them differently and also hide some display types using the eye icon.


Facet is the default display type. It allows you to see all the properties of an element.
When the answer is a single element, it is expanded by default.
When the answer is composed of several elements, these elements are listed and you can click on them to expand them and see more detail.


List is similar to Facet, the difference is that not all properties of an element are displayed, only some information that is judged important, like the description or the image.


Images allows you to visualize your answer as a grid of images. If you want more information on an element you can click on it and it will redirect you to this element (using Facet display to see all information available).


Table allows you to visualize your answer as a table.

To have a better view you can display the table in fullscreen mode.

You can hide/show columns, pin them to the left or right of your screen.

You also drag and drop columns to reorder them.


Simple is like is name says, a simple way to display information. It is a table constitued of 2 columns. In the example below, we asked for "all cocktails ingredients" so on the first column we see cocktails name, and on the other columns, ingredients that constitute these cocktails.