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Upload and index


In this tutorial we are going to make a Question Answering (QA) system on top of a collection of textual documents (PDFs) about the Simpsons that can be found here:

These documents are coming from the Simpsons wiki


Here you can access a demo based on this tutorial and try it yourself!



To access the creation page, check Introduction and Access section!


Pick the name and language of your QA System, upload your files (click or drag and drop on the dedicated area), you can click on:

  • Settings to personnalize them (default parameters are good for general use)
  • Finish to create your QA System (and use default parameters)

You can also add an icon for your QA system. It will be displayed in the list of QA systems.

Settings (optional)

Then you can customize your QA System parameters if needed (default parameters are good for general use).

After clicking on the Finish button, you will be redirected to the home page and you will have your newly built QA system appearing in the list.