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Share your QA System

You can now share your QA systems with other users in your organization. This is a great way to collaborate with your team and share your knowledge.


You can share your QA systems regardless from their type.

You can access it using the button in the status bar (on top of your screen) or in the QA Systems page by clicking on the QA system you are interested in and then the Share button.

You will get here:

Shared users


In the Share with section, you can specify the usernames of the users you want to share your QA system with.

You can also specify the permissions for each user. The permissions are:

  1. Read only - the user can only ask questions and give feedbacks to your QA system.
  2. Read and write - the user can ask questions, give feedbacks, and edit your QA system (access the training page, configs etc. like you do).

These specified users will be able to see and access your dataset from their QA Systems page.

Let's give access to UserB with read only permissions and UserC with read and write permissions.

As you can see, UserB can now see the QA system in his QA Systems page in the Shared with me section but he doesn't have access to the other pages (Training, Configs etc.).

This is the page he will see when he clicks on the

icon. He can ask questions normally and give feedbacks to the QA system.

Public access

You can also open your QA System to the public by sharing a link. This means that anyone having access to the link can ask questions and give feedbacks to your QA system.


You don't need to have a QAnswer account to access an open QA System.

You can enable the share option by clicking on the checkbox Accessible to everyone. A link will be generated and you can copy it by clicking on the copy icon.


Share your link to others so they can ask questions to your QA System and give feedbacks!

You can see the view that others will see when they open your shared link in section Public mode.


The feedbacks given by public users are considered not trusted, you can visualize them in the Training page in a separated tab so you can check them easily.

trusted or not trusted feedbacks


People using your shared link may not know what your QA system is about. So you can add a description to guide them.


Add a description to your QA system so people can understand what it is about.

So when they access your QA system, they will see the description you added. See the next section for more details.

Public mode

This is the view that others will see when they open your shared link. The first thing they will see is the description you added, if there is one.

You can open the description again by clicking on the Show description button on the top right corner.

They can then ask questions and give feedbacks to your QA system.