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Now, you can start asking your first question to the QA system you just built! By clicking on the

icon, you will enter the QA system built on top of the documents you uploaded.

You can also switch to another QA system using the selector located at the top right corner.

For "The Simpsons" QA system, you can ask questions like:

  • "who are the children of the simpsons"
  • "what is the name of the dog of the simpsons"

The summarized answer is a synthesized answer based on all the answers and documents QAnswer has found. The answer is based on a generative model, therefore each generated answer could be in different wording by will always try to deliver the some information. You can trigger re-summarise function by click on

To further improve the summariser, you can always give feedback by clicking on



When the system gives you an answer it is highlighted inside its context. You can also see in which document it was found (at the beginning of the box).

You can click on the

Open PDF

button (at the bottom right), it will show you the answer highlighted in the PDF document.

Sometimes the AI model we put by default may not fit in your situation and as a result you see bad answers presented by the system. To solve this problem, check the train section to adapt the model for your specific use!


Our backend model is evolving over time so the answers that you get might be different.

If you have questions you can contact us.