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Export as widget

If you want to integrate the QA System into your own website, you can export it as a widget or bookmarklet. This allows you to provide instant question-answering capabilities to your website visitors. First, go to the Export page.

You can access the Export page using the button in the status bar (on top of your screen) or in the QA Systems page by clicking on the QA system you are interested in and then the



After accessing the Export page, you will see the following screen.


In order to export a QA System, it has to be open to public, meaning people having its link can query it. This is indicated directly on the page. You can click:

  • Go to settings: You will be redirected to the Share page of this QA System

Find more information about sharing in the Share section.

  • Make public: Use this option to make it public directly from this page.


You can personalize the widget by modifying the following parameters:

  • Initial message: add an initial message to the widget to give some context to the user (e.g. "Ask me anything about the company")
  • Theme: choose the default theme for your widget. You can choose between: light, dark, auto. You will still be able to change the theme when using the widget.

Try it out

You can try out the widget directly from the export page. You can ask a question and see the answer directly in the widget, the sources are also available.

When you click on the sources the pdf viewer will open, this will look like this:


The sources are the documents used to build the QA System.


You can export the widget in two ways:

Include the widget in your website

You can include the widget in your website by copying the HTML code and pasting it in your website.


All users of your website will be able to use the widget.

Use a bookmarklet

You can also use a bookmarklet to use the widget.

  1. Drag the link to your bookmark bar (also known as favorites bar)
  2. Click on the bookmarklet when you are on a page you want to ask questions about

Here is an example of the widget used on the simpsons wiki:

Use the widget while browsing on the simpsons wiki

Please note that some websites may block the script from running.