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Edit collection

It's possible to edit your document collection on the Editing page using the button in the status bar (on top of your screen) or in the QA Systems page by clicking on the QA system you are interested in and then the



On this page you will be able to see all documents that are in your collection and their content. You can also delete files or add new ones to your collection.

Add a file

Let's add Moe Szyslak to our collection by using the Add file button. You can download the file here:

And then let's see the content of the document by clicking either on View PDF or View raw text button.

Add website

You can also directly add a website link by clicking on Add website.


The sub-pages will not be extracted.

Here let's add the link to the Website-based QA Systems documentation to the doc-qanswer QA System.

Remove a file

To remove a file, you can click on the Remove button.

Filter files (tip)


To easily browse your files, you can use the filter on the filename column.

For example, if you want to see only the files that contain the word Simpson, you can type Simpson in the filter field.


You can sort your filenames alphabetically using this shortcut: click on the arrow that appears when hovering a column title.

You can also use Sort by ASC or Sort by DESC in the filter menu we saw above.