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Introduction and access

Welcome to our QA System documentation, where you can effortlessly explore your data using natural language queries. Enhance the performance of your QA Systems through training and share them with peers.



You have to be connected to create and access your QA Systems (you can use QA System without being connected if it is open to public and you have the link).

If you don't have an account yet, you can see the tutorial here

Once your account is created, you can login and start discovering the platform!

When you are logged in, you will enter in the QA Systems page:


Independently to their type, all QA Systems will be listed in this page.

It's time to build your first QA system! In the panel QA Systems, click on


button and choose the type of QA System you want to create.

Types of QA Systems

We have at your disposal four different types of QA Systems depending on your data type!

✨Click on the images below to go to the corresponding documentation section!✨

QAnswer offers two main kind of answers:

  • : the answer is a part of the input that is retrieved
  • : the answer is generated by the system

Discover, train, and collaborate with our powerful QA System, unlocking the potential of your data exploration.


Website-based QA Systems enable you to ask questions about the content of a website. During creation, you can explore the sub-pages and select the ones you want to include. After creation, the Website-based QA System operates similarly to a Document-based QA System.