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The goal of this tutorial is to construct your own digital twin!

It should be able to reply to questions about yourself like:

  • "Where were you born?"
  • "What do you like to eat?"
  • "Who is your best friend?"
  • "What languages do you speak?"

and other things you would like him to know or not 😉

While you will create your digital twin, I will create mine 😀 so we are also going to know each other better!

The playground is separated in two parts:

  • Left is your Context: the turtle code you want to ask questions on
  • Right is where you ask your questions: ask your question, the answers will appear below with the display types available

You can remove the rdf example by clicking on Clear. You can bring the example back by clicking on Example.


If you want to save it anyway you can download your file by clicking on the download icon of the editor.


Then you can use this file to create a QA system (do to that you need to be logged in).

Now let's start creating your digital twin!