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Be creative

Now that you know the basis, it's time to let your creativity run wild and have fun creating new nodes and defining relationships between them in your knowledge graph.

Here are some ideas that can inspire you:

  @prefix xml: <> .
@prefix xs: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix skos: <> .
@prefix qa: <> .

#Making our first node
qa:node1 rdfs:label "QAnswer" .
qa:node1 skos:altLabel "QAnswer KG" .
qa:node1 skos:altLabel "QA" .
qa:node1 skos:altLabel "you" .
qa:node1 skos:altLabel "your" .

#Adding some additional nodes
qa:node2 rdfs:label "English" .
qa:node3 rdfs:label "French" .
qa:node4 rdfs:label "German" .
qa:node5 rdfs:label "Italian" .

#Creating our first property: LANGUAGE
qa:language rdfs:label "speaks language" .
qa:language skos:altLabel "speak" .
qa:language skos:altLabel "language" .

#Saying that QAnswer speaks English, Franch, German and Italian
qa:node1 qa:language qa:node2 .
qa:node1 qa:language qa:node3 .
qa:node1 qa:language qa:node4 .
qa:node1 qa:language qa:node5 .

qa:birthPlace rdfs:label "born" .
qa:birthPlace skos:altLabel "birth place" .

#create node Saint-Etienne
qa:saintEtienne rdfs:label "Saint-Etienne" .

#born in Saint-Etienne
qa:node1 qa:birthPlace qa:saintEtienne .

qa:saintEtienne rdf:type qa:city .
qa:city rdfs:label "city" .

#born in France
qa:France rdfs:label "France" .
qa:node1 qa:birthPlace qa:France .

qa:France rdf:type qa:country .
qa:country rdfs:label "country" .

qa:birthDate rdfs:label "born at" .
qa:birthDate skos:altLabel "birth date" .

#born the third July 2016
qa:node1 qa:birthDate "2016-07-03"^^xsd:date .

qa:liveIn rdfs:label "live in" .
qa:liveIn skos:altLabel "residence" .

##live on a server
qa:node1 qa:liveIn "I'm on some server, I don't even know where 🙈!" .

qa:like rdfs:label "like" .
qa:like skos:altLabel "love" .

##likes ...
qa:SW rdfs:label "Semantic Web" .
qa:node1 qa:like qa:SW .
qa:NLP rdfs:label "Natural Language Processing" .
qa:node1 qa:like qa:NLP .
qa:lang rdfs:label "Languages" .
qa:node1 qa:like qa:lang .
qa:graphs rdfs:label "Graphs" .
qa:node1 qa:like qa:graphs .

##developer ...
qa:developer rdfs:label "developer" .
qa:developer skos:altLabel "developed by" .
qa:developer skos:altLabel "created by" .

qa:QACompany rdfs:label "The QA Company" .
qa:node1 qa:developer qa:QACompany .
qa:DD rdfs:label "Dennis Diefenbach" .
qa:node1 qa:developer qa:DD .