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Playground chatbot

This chatbot allows you to have interactive conversations where you can ask questions, receive instant responses, and provide additional input, enabling personalized and dynamic interactions.

Curious about the types of questions it can handle? Take a glimpse into its capabilities with a sample response to the question "what kind of questions can I ask you?":


As you may have noticed in the previous screenshot, our chatbot demonstrates proficiency in addressing various types of questions, including:

  • General Knowledge Questions
  • Definition Questions
  • How-To Questions
  • Hypothetical Questions

Feel free to engage with the chatbot further and explore its knowledge in these areas!

Edit message

You can edit the message you sent by clicking on the


icon that appears when you hover one of your messages (top-right corner of the message).


When you click Apply changes when editing a message, the chatbot will generate a new answer based on the edited message. The previous messages (questions and answers) will be kept in the chat history but the following ones will be deleted.


Sometimes the chatbot may not understand your question or may not be able to provide an answer. In this case, you can click on the Edit icon to edit your question and try to rephrase it or add more context.

If the chatbot understood your question but the answer is not satisfactory, you can either edit your question to add more context or click on the Re-generate answer button (on top of the input field) to get a new answer.

Re-generate answer

If you get an answer that does not satisfy you, you can click

Re-generate answer

(on top of the input field) to get a new answer.

Continue conversation

Sometimes the chatbot may stop answering your question due to a character limit. In this case it will display an information message on which you can click to get the end of the answer.

Clear chat

You can click on the


button (on top of the input field) to clear the chat history and start fresh.

You will get back to the initial state of the chatbot:

Stop generation

When the chatbot is answering your question, you can see it typing and generating the answer. If you want it to stop answering, you can click on the Stop generation button on top of the search bar.


When the chatbot does not understand your question, or does a mistake, instead of re-generating the answer or editing your question, you can also tell what's wrong and ask it to correct itself.


When the chatbot is wrong, you can:

  • add more context
  • explain what's wrong
  • ask it to correct itself The chatbot will then try to correct itself and give you a better answer.