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Introduction and Access

Playgrounds are interactive environments designed to allow users to experiment with different data types and gain hands-on experience with our platform.

Experiment freely within the playgrounds without impacting live data or making permanent changes. Playgrounds provide a safe space to test and experiment without the fear of breaking anything.

Open access


You don't need an account to use the playgrounds.

We have at your disposal four different playgrounds, each one designed to allow you to experiment with a different data type.

✨Try them out now by clicking on the images below!✨

QAnswer offers two main kind of answers:

  • : the answer is a part of the input that is retrieved
  • : the answer is generated by the system

Access from your account


If you don't have an account yet, you can see the tutorial here

Once your account is created, you can login and start discovering the platform!

When you are logged in, you will enter in the QA Systems page:

In the navigation bar at the left of the page, click Instant Playgrounds and then choose the one you want to use:


These are playgrounds so the content will not be saved.

You will get here:

You can remove the text example by clicking on Clear. You can bring the example back by clicking on Example.